Studies currently enrolling at the five TACERN sites across the country

Early Biomarkers of Autism in Infants with TSC [Currently closed to enrollment]

Our main goal in this study is to pinpoint early signs of autism in babies with TSC by looking at their brains through specialized imaging, EEG and developmental testing.
If you choose to have your baby be in the study, we will follow and test him/her between the ages of 3-12 months at regular visits up to 3 years of age. You (the parent or guardian) will be given the MRI and EEG results as well as summary scores from the developmental testing that is done. You will be with your child at all times. During the study, we will help in getting referrals for any child who shows early signs of autism.
Limited travel funding may be offered to participants who live out of state. 

EEG Biomarkers for Epilepsy in TSC  [Currently closed to enrollment]

In this research study, we hope to learn more about early changes in the brain patterns of babies with TSC to see if these changes can predict the start of seizures. We hope what we learn from this study will help us better understand the changes in brain patterns before seizures start as well as the amount of time between those changes and the start of seizures.
Babies with TSC, up to 6 months old and without a history of seizures, may be able to be in the study. We will follow the babies for about 2 years after enrollment.
Travel funds are available for participants.